About Us

The Marine Gateway (MG Docks) Experience

MG Docks has been serving the Central Florida area since 2023, yes we are a brand new company, but we are not new to building beautiful, high quality structures.  We all love building and we also love boating and watersports so docks and boathouses were just a natural fit for our team to get involved with.

MG Docks, was founded in 2023 by Melvin Marte and Gary Biniak.  Melvin and Gary have been working together on construction projects since 2015.  Melvin brings over 25 years of bespoke construction, including remodeling and building custom homes.  Gary brings over 25 years of managing and owning successful technology businesses, running large projects,  and providing oversite of multiple high-end custom homes and remodeling projects.  

The major difference between building and remodeling custom homes and docks is that one is over the water and one is not.  We have a distinct advantage by having craftsmen level skills, to create that amazing level of detail that go way beyond basic dock and boathouse structures.  In 2022, realizing we needed help, we hired a really great dock builder/consultant and good friend.  He taught us all the things we didn't know, a lot of which was the underwater work (sinking posts, bracing, etc).  It was truly an eye opening experience, but once above water, we were able to build a dock and boathouse the likes of no other. 

The idea of MG Docks started brewing based on a bad experience Gary had while building a dock in 2018, after Hurricane Irma had destroyed his prior dock.  He had entrusted a local company to build the dock and boathouse he'd been wanting for years, but unfortunately things didn't turn out the way it was promised.  The dock never sat well with him, it was unsafe, undesirable and never was able to pass inspection with the City of Clermont, Florida.   Several years later, Gary decided he would rebuild the dock and oversee the entire process himself.  Having worked with Mevlin on many prior construction and remodeling projects, Melvin agreed to build a dock like no other, helping Gary to achieve the dock and boathouse of his dreams.  "I wanted a dock that was next level, something that complemented and extended the look and feel of my unique lake home".   

Melvin and Gary began the process of designing and ultimately building the new dock and boathouse, virtually creating one of the most beautiful and structurally sound docks around.  Unlike his prior dock, that was unable to pass inspection, this dock and boathouse was easily able to pass inspection with the City of Clermont.  With one of the inspectors commenting "this is hands down one the most amazing boathouses I've ever had the pleasure of inspecting". He went on to comment that it was 10x the construction quality that he normally sees, going way beyond code.  Naturally, passing final inspection was a breeze.

MG Docks knows that most dock builders know how to build docks and basic boathouse structures, but if you are looking for something truly outstanding, a dock and boathouse that literally reflects the beauty of your "lake life" style, a boathouse or dock that you and your family will truly enjoy for years to come, then MG Docks is your builder. 

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