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We customize your dock and boathouse to complement your family's unique "lake life" style

Extraordinary Boathouses 

Docks and boathouses made to compliment your family's unique lake life style.  MG Docks are literally next level docks and boathouses -  just extraordinary. 

Relaxation Areas

Interior spaces that go beyond the ordinary and invite you and your guests to enjoy the day on the lake in comfort 

Entertainment Interiors

Go beyond!  Take your boathouse to the next level. A place your family and friends can relax and enjoy all day long.

Light the way

Transitioning from day to night doesn't mean the fun has to come to an end.  We make setting the perfect mood for your night life, easy and beautiful.

Perfect Illumination

Specially designed by our LED WIFI illumination team, your dock transforms in the night into an amazing site and place to hang out with friends and family.  The best part, you control it all right from your phone.  

Night life

No matter where you are on your dock, you can easily illuminate the area in the colors of your choice to create the perfect setting for your evening.

Maximize your views

Carefully thought out areas to simpify your enjoyment, ease of use and maximize Beautiful views.

Built-in Comfort

Relax with our built-in benches.  Instant, comfortable social areas without the worry of storms sending your furniture into the lake, again.

Exceptional Details

Many boathouses lack details, the kind of details that turn your boathouse into a finished showpiece.   Most docks are literally left in the framing stage.  Imagine if your home was like this, why should your boathouse be any different?

Our Dock and Boathouse services

Dock and Boathouse Design & Engineering

Dock and Boathouse Remodeling & Repair

Custom Built Docks and Boathouses of your Dreams

Dock and Boathouse Safety Inspections (DSI)

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